TOURISMUSEXPERTEN – the specialists for hotel marketing, hotel sales, hotel communication and digitalization within the hotel industry

Unfortunately, being a guest in a hotel does not mean knowing the hotel industry and its unique needs and challenges. Many guests – and indeed many marketing agencies – are blinded by the glittering glow of a hotel lobby and the ease and friendliness of hotel staff, thinking: we can do hotels too. But they can’t! And this is where TOURISMUSEXPERTEN steps in. Our experts for hotel consulting, hotel marketing, hotel sales, hotel communication and digitalization have completed in-depth training within the hotel industry and have worked both in large chain hotels as well as for individual, owner- and family-run hotels. Or even grew up in a hotel, like the founder of TOURISMUSEXPERTEN.

No time to be a host?

We understand the challenges of our hotel clients very well. Too little time to be a host, always looking for staff, the daily balancing act between reception, kitchen, housekeeping, spa, as well as the continuous pressure to increase occupancy while increasing the average daily rate. And that’s with increasing competition. And then keeping an eye on all the source codes – always with the goal of just not becoming too dependent on OTAs like Booking & Co. but to increase direct bookings.

Which communication channels are important?

How do I reach new customers? Who exactly are the right customers, i.e. the ideal target group? On which channels do I reach my guests with which messages – and at what price? What do my guests expect when they visit my website and why do they bail out during the online booking process? Where do I reach important influencers, and which influencers or journalists are important for my hotel? How do I set up a successful newsletter – DSGVO compliant of course. At what time do I send it out so that I achieve an open rate of 30% and, if possible, a click rate of 10%? How do I manage an effective content marketing and how do I set up my hotel blog so that it offers my guests an added value, but at the same time supports search engine optimization? When do Google Ads make sense, or does it even make sense to sell my hotel through price?

Too few direct bookings?

Why am I generating so few direct bookings through my hotel website, do I have the right booking engine (IBE), is my website ranking well, and how do I best respond to critical reviews? Or should I perhaps respond to good reviews as well? And on what portals is my hotel rated anyway, and can’t that be summarized in one tool? Questions over questions… and all you really want to do is be a good host and spoil and delight your guests.

We have your back

We have your and your staff’s back – because this is exactly the kind of questions we specialize in with our unique DNAmik principle. We take care of everything from individual projects to complete marketing, online sales, and communications work, bringing your guests right up to the front desk. From there you have to take over again. Just click here to contact us.